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“I’ve always trusted the high level of content of anything that comes out of LERN.” – Cindy Trent, California State University-Fresno

“Our program saw a 6% and $200,000 increase to the bottom line in one year. I give LERN all the credit!”    -James K Fowlkes, Executive Project Director, Curriculum Strategies, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

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Each newsletter is four pages. Most feature a central theme, such as Pricing, Needs Assessment, or Writing Course Descriptions.  Save every issue in your library. Share every issue with your staff.

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If you do not receive a 10:1 Return on Your Investment at the end of the first year, our Consulting Team will spend up to 3 hours making sure you get $10,000 or more in ways to increase income, boost registrations, and/or save costs.

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