Weekly Update Oct 11 – 15
The New Era

Unique info not available anywhere else on the new era in lifelong learning programming that began last year. The new era is adding online offerings to your in-person class mix.
-Serve more audiences.
-Serve people in more locations.
-Deliver courses in more formats
Join us for 4 sessions on the Live Online/Zoom format, Converting Classes to Online, and LERN Forecasts.

Weekly Update Oct 4 – 8
More Panelists Still Being Added

What’s better for your career and professional development than attending the LERN Virtual Conference – – being a PRESENTER at the virtual conference.

The research shows that when you share your knowledge, you benefit more than the people who hear you.

That’s why we’re still adding a few panelists for some of our sessions. If you want to be considered, email Maria Damiani at maria@lern.org

Weekly Updates Sept 27 – Oct 1
Customize Sessions for Yourself and Staff

With specialty topics on a wide range of subjects, you can customize the most advanced Professional Development for yourself and your staff with our 8 different tracks of sessions.
1.New! New Staffing Structures
2.Programming for 2022
3.Hot New Marketing
4.New! Executive Planning
5.Latest Hot Digital Marketing
6.Contract Training
7.New! The New Era: Successful Online Programming
8.Core Skills

Weekly Update Sept 20 – 24
Best Professional Development Just $89

With specialized advanced sessions only at the LERN Virtual Conference, you and your staff get the best professional development for just $89 per person, the individual cost when you send the average of 20 people to the conference.

Weekly Update Sept 13 – 17
Why Our ‘Core Skills’ Track is the Most Popular

It’s simple: the Core Skills track of 8 sessions gives your staff the fundamental Must-Know information that every staff person with every lifelong learning program needs to be successful.

Having been on the road visiting programs all over North America every business week of the year, LERN’s Greg Marsello reports that staff know only half of what they need to know to make your program even more successful.

That’s why over 500 people attended the sessions of our Core Skills track last year.

Another reason: your staff can come away being a Certified Program Planner (CPP) after passing the CPP exam later at no additional cost.

Weekly Update Sept 6 – 10
Why the LERN Virtual Conference Is Here to Stay

Next year’s LERN Virtual Conference is already in the planning stages. Even with the addition of an in-person annual conference in 2022, the LERN Virtual Conference is here to stay.

Here’s 3 reasons:
1.More sessions, available anytime 90 days afterwards. With the virtual conference, you get to hear all 45 sessions, far more than the number you can possibly attend in-person. And you get to hear them 90 days later, in your own best peak learning time. Even hear some again – – yes, replay those best sessions and learn even more.
2.Your whole staff can attend. We got the numbers. The average organization sends 20 people to the LERN Virtual Conference. Try spending the money on that professional development for an in-person conference.
3.Whole new in-person format. LERN is planning a whole new in-person conference format that is more engaging and involving for you. Your all-new in-person conference will dovetail and complement the LERN Virtual Conference.

We’re not going ‘back’ to just an in-person conference. We’re going Forward with another LERN innovation in learning and programming.

Weekly Update August 30 – Sept 3
Home or Office? Unique Info for This Fall’s Top Issue

Institutions are deciding whether you and your staff work from home or the office. But whatever decision your institution makes now, it’s not final. We know that.

The issue is huge for your program, as there’s big productivity, morale and personal issues involved for you and your staff.

Join Scott Cashman for his “We Sent Our Staff Home” session. Then engage with a panel of your practitioners from around North America in the panel session on home versus office work.

Weekly Update August 23-27
Stress At Highest Levels Ever

The head of the flight attendants union repeated on air what others are also saying. Stress levels in society are at an all-time high.

The implications for you, your staff and your customers in that ongoing changing situation will be addressed in two SuperStar sessions.

Counselor Lisa Schaefer, MSE, will speak on “Creating a Menu of Resiliency” on Wed Nov 17. Then she will talk about the state of stress now and reducing post pandemic anxiety in another session on that Wednesday. These sessions could make a huge difference for the mental wellness of you and your staff.

Weekly Update August 16-20
Registrations Ahead of Last Year

We are pleased to report that registrations for this year are ahead of last year at this time. Right now we have over 50 Organizations registered. That means over 1,000 people will be attending so far!

Weekly Update August 9
FREE! Brochure Layout Webinar
This webinar alone will make your program $20,000, a 10:1 ROI on your conference fee.

By repositioning just a few courses, one LERN member generated an additional $90,000 in income from following our tips!

Just register and pay by August 18 and get this Exclusive webinar, available only to virtual conference participants, FREE. Just register for the Virtual Conference and you will receive log-in access to the Wednesday, August 18, webinar. Register now!

Weekly Update August 2
Now! The Most Specialized Professional Development in the Field
Use our 8 session Tracks to create a tailored Professional Development specialization for each of your staff. The Virtual Conference has the best, most advanced professional development in the field. Create a customized schedule for each of your staff.
* New Staffing Structures
* The New Era
* Hot New Marketing
* Latest Digital Marketing
* Programming for 2022
* Contract Training
* Core Skills
* Executive Planning

Weekly Update July 26
ShowStoppers: Pioneering Breakthrough Sessions

We’ve got more sessions for you this year with pioneering breakthrough strategies that will change the field forever.

Tues Nov 16 ShowStopper: A demo of a new classroom built for In-Person and Live Online simultaneous classes. with Kendall Harris, Santa Barbara, CA

Wed Nov 17 ShowStopper: One of the first programs to devise policies and procedures to send their staff back home to work, for good. With Scott Cashman, Palatine, IL

Thurs Nov 18 ShowStopper: The update and future of educational gaming. It’s a development that could change our industry. with Moses Wolfenstein, Long Beach, CA

Weekly Update July 19
Invite Your Boss to Attend

Invite your central administration bosses to attend a couple of sessions. There’s no extra cost. It’s easy for them to pop-in and pop-out.

Here’s why: you will generate more support for your work and your program. Your program is more important to your institution now than ever.

Here’s how: Bosses tend not to believe their staff. But your boss will believe our Best Experts, Top Practitioners and LERN Staff. Pick 1-3 sessions most relevant for them attend.

Weekly Update July 12
It’s Out! Download the Final Brochure PDF Now
Right above this copy is the PDF of the Final Brochure.
Check out all the Awesome New Sessions.
Share it with your colleagues. Start thinking ROI now.
Get pumped about the most exciting week of the year in lifelong learning.

Weekly Update July 5
The New Post Pandemic Anxiety
Some 41% of adults say they have more anxiety today than they did during the first few months of the pandemic, reports The New York Times June 15, 2021.

Your SuperStar presenter at this year’s Virtual Conference is Lisa Schaefer, a mental health and education consultant who wowed LERN members with her webinar earlier this year.

Update your strategy and knowledge about post-pandemic anxiety and how you can help yourself, your staff, and your learners. Attend:
New! Reducing Post Pandemic Anxiety, Wed Nov 17, Session #8
New! Creating a Menu of Resiliency, Wed Nov 17, Session #9

Weekly Update June 28
It’s Out! Download the Final Brochure PDF Now
Right above this copy is the PDF of the Final Brochure.
Check out all the Awesome New Sessions.
Share it with your colleagues. Start thinking ROI now.
Get pumped about the most exciting week of the year in lifelong learning.

Weekly Update June 21

Your Keynoter on “Performance Beyond Gold”
Delatorro L. McNeal II, Peak Performance Expert, training and development presenter, and Best Selling Author, kicks off this year’s Virtual Conference.

He wowed a standing room audience at LERN’s Annual Conference in Orlando a few years ago, selling out his book afterwards. So we know you are in for a great treat.

Delatorro will help you discover the 7 unique and distinctive paradigms and mindsets that drive the actions, behaviors, and habits of top professionals in any industry. They ultimately lead to stellar results.

Last year’s hit Virtual Conference keynoter, Forrest Lamb, has recommended his fellow colleague and member of the National Speakers Association.

Don’t miss Delatorro L. McNeal, this year’s awesome keynoter.

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