Advanced Teaching Online

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It will change the traditional classroom…..

Only this book will tell you:

  • Best practices checklist
  • Basic course readiness guidelines
  • Review of the literature
  • The 50 best tips from practitioners
  • How to synchronize slides with audio
    …..and much more

After reading “Teaching Online,” you will have the latest and most advanced information about conducting an educational program, course, seminar, conference, customer education, meeting or training online.

“Draves knows how the Internet is changing the education experience.”
-Judy Bryan, Culture Editor, Wired News, wired.com

“This book showed me just what to do to make my own online course enjoyable to teach and successful in the marketplace.”
– Ron Gross, author of ‘Peak Learning’

“Draves is the most savvy, non-techie Internet guru I have ever known.”
– Cem Erdem, ADC Telecommunications, a billion dollar Internet company

Online learning will constitute 50% of all learning in the 21st century. It will destroy the traditional classroom and replace it with an even better way to learn, and to teach.

William A. Draves is the foremost authority on lifelong learning. In “Teaching Online,” he shows you how to develop and teach your online course. With information you won’t find anywhere else, he will help you position your expertise and your course for long-term success.


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