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Creating & Sustaining Partnerships

Product Description

Why a Manual on Partnerships?

In the last few years, many LERN clients have requested help with establishing and maintaining partnerships.

Often our consultants are called in to untangle group dynamics that have resulted from inadequate preparation and ineffective, though well-intentioned leadership. The best intentions can crumble in the midst of conflict – as precious resources and energy are wasted. Goals are unmet and disappointment can be deep and lasting.

Even the most informal collaborations take time, skill and resources to reach important goals. Without proper guidance, the potential for failure is high. And yet, when partnerships work, the result is not only effective, it’s inspiring. When collaborations are successful, life-long friendships are forged and work takes on new meaning.

The main hedges against failure are understanding what a partnership is and using good strategic planning to create a foundation for success. It’s tempting to forego the effort it takes to forge a clear mission, vision and values and to implement the steps to earning confidence and trust in individuals and the group. Every hour you “save” by not implementing those all-important processes will be lost many times over in repairing the damage from lack of clarity and the resulting lack of agreement and institutional alignment.

Before you initiate a partnership, use this book to help you clarify the partnership’s purpose and format, and to help you pick the best potential partners to get the job done for the least resources, in the shortest time possible.

This little book is packed with practical how-to advice on forming, maintaining and dissolving partnerships to increase your odds of having a positive partnership experience.

Whether you’re brand new to partnerships, or an experienced collaborator, this book will guide you through the process from start to finish.

As always, if you’re a LERN member and you have questions, email any LERN consultant for even more hands-on help! We’re here to help you succeed in everything you do.

Best wishes for your partnering experience,

Julia King Tamang

Senior Consultant

Price: $145

Delivery: Digital


  • Introduction
  • Understanding Partnerships
  • Laying the Groundwork for a Partnership
  • Planning the Partnership
  • Implementing the Partnership
  • Evaluating the Partnership’s Progress
  • Helping in the Long Term as the Partnership Changes
  • Renewing the Partnership
  • Disbanding a Partnership
  • Conflict Resolution in Partnerships


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