How To Create an Award-Winning Integrated Marketing Campaign


Product Description

From conception and planning to launch and analysis, learn everything that goes into a successful integrated marketing campaign. Get insight into the “Summer Full of Post-Worthy Experiences” campaign that won a 2018 LERN International Award for Best Marketing.

Attend this webinar and discover:
– How the concept was developed
– A new promotion timeline
– How videos were created and incorporated into the campaign
-How the theme was used consistently – and successfully – throughout the campaign in emails, print, and social media
-How the team got and stayed organized to manage all the moving pieces

You instructor, Joe Cavato, marketing director for Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed came from a journalism background but has been working in the world of non-profit for more than 10 years. In his current role as Marketing Supervisor with Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed his duties include: designing all the organization’s print collateral including three catalogs per year, promotional flyers, postcards, posters, signs, etc.; managing and overseeing the organization’s social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram; creating videos and taking pictures of the organizations programs and classes; planning and creating all email marketing campaigns for the organization including bi-weekly newsletters and other campaigns as needed. He also serves on the leadership team.

Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed is a partnership between Parkway and Rockwood School Districts in St. Louis County, Missouri, an area of 250,000 residents.
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