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How Your CT Unit Should Sell as a Team


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In contract training, you should take a business approach to both programming and delivery. This means someone is responsible for selling.  This also means you will do best if you know who your clients are, what they need and how you can serve those needs in a better way than your competition can. In the beginning, a contract training department may have a very small staff, especially if it begins as a kind of side-project of a larger department.

During that time, the one or two staff people will need to wear many hats and play many roles. But in time, if a division is to be a stand-alone program supporting several clients and staff, roles will need to gradually be clarified and people will need to be hired to fill each role. In contract training, every employee in your division plays a role in sales and is instrumental in landing a contract. This notion is called team selling.

Your presenter, Dr. Layne J. Harpine, is LERN’s vice president and announced CEO. He has 15 years experience in higher education serving in positions as an instructor, director, dean, senior vice president and chief educational officer of continuing education. He also has experience at a Fortune 100 company as a business consultant and corporate trainer.


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