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Lifelong Learning Program Planning Series


Product Description

The Lifelong Learning Program Planning Series includes three webinars:

One-Year Business Plan: 
You must have a strategic plan supported by a one-year business plan. The one-year business plan will provide your unit focus and accountability, as well as demonstrate to central administration your dedication to the highest level of performance. Learn about LERN’s One-Year Business Plan Model, the best one-year business plan timeline, and end-of-year reports helping you build your next one-year business plan.

You’ll also get a look at LERN’s newest web-based tool – LERN’s One-Year Business Plan Tool. Learn why you need a one-year business plan, review a proven model, and discover a new LERN Tool that will make building your one-year business plan much simpler.
Documenting Core Processes

Winning continuing education and lifelong learning programs document their core processes, thus improving consistency, customer service, and communication. Understand the important difference between policies, core processes, and a procedures manual.Find out the 10 to 15 core processes you should be documenting and a proven method for developing and documenting your core processes, so they can be followed by all staff.

 LERN’s 6-Step Course Programming Model
The most successful course programmers utilize LERN’s 6-Step Course Planning Model to ensure they offer the right number and mix of classes, know what to repeat and cut, and select the right new courses. Discover how to streamline your course programming process and consistently reach your revenue, new course, and operating margin goals.
Whether you do course programming for community education, recreation, or continuing professional education, this webinar is for you!


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