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Program Improvement Webinar Package

Six on-demand webinars designed to help you improve your program’s marketing, management and more.


Product Description

A package of six on-demand webinars all designed to help you improve your program. These topics have been among the most in demand and most popular with LERN members.

10 Best Promotion Strategies of the Year
A perennial conference favorite, this hard-hitting, fast-paced session has ideas you can implement right away. Take away great new advanced and how-to ideas to enhance your program’s marketing.
Presenters: Susan Hurrell, Paul Franklin and William A. Draves

Leverage Your Talents and Strengths to Get More Done
Learn the latest research to increase worker and staff engagement and well-being. Understand how you can identify and use your talent strengths. Discover why some partnerships work and others don’t. Take home an action plan to supercharge your productivity.
Presenter: Jennifer Selke

Amazing Web Tools You’ve Never Heard Of
Discover five new tools to power up your program. The future of your program is in the Internet cloud. Discover innovative tools and learn how these new tools will revolutionize your marketing.
Presenter: Dan Belhassen

Best Brochure Ideas for 2017
Take home the best new brochure ideas from LERN’s top brochure critique and design experts for lifelong learning programs.

Advanced Video Marketing Techniques
With video growing as a marketing tool for lifelong learning programs, get advanced how-to information on calls-to-action, cross-channel marketing, social media and YouTube videos.
Presenter: Kendall Harris

New Growth Markets
A hard-hitting look at the top new growth markets for 2017. Take home the top new growth strategies to compete successfully.
Presenters: Daniel Thorpe, Rebecca Mattox and Jennifer Henderson

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