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Program Review: Position Your Unit for Success


Product Description

Each year LERN performs more than 20 Program Reviews. A LERN Program Review is an informal review of your continuing education or lifelong learning unit.

We provide you a report on what you are doing right, what you should be focused on the next three years, and practical recommendations you should implement.

-How a LERN Program Review works, as well as LERN’s support with recommendation implementation
-The data, information, and materials you need to provide
-Why your return-on-investment should be 10:1 or better

“LERN’s thorough Program Review converted 40 years of industry expertise into solutions customized for RPCA. Mr. Marsello took the time to meet with staff to fully understand our operation, then provided a detailed menu of recommendations. The most dramatic changes are the implementation of a centralized Registration and Reservation Office and a Marketing section, which allow Programming staff to focus on striving to exceed customers’ expectations. More than an operational change, this shift in mindset has doubled participation and cost-recovery. With LERN’s tools and best practices, we continue to aim even higher!”

-Kelly Gilfillen, Marketing Manager, City of Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities (RPCA)


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