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We Win! Print Brochures Survive and Thrive

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We Win!  The print brochure has survived and is now thriving in lifelong learning. Yes, there are still some programs eliminating the print brochure and seeing huge traumatic drops in registrations and...

Brilliant! New Teaching Model Introduced

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 In a pioneering and historic keynote, internationally renowned educator Diana Laurillard from London, England introduced – – for the first time ever – – a new learning and teaching model for the...

New Grading Wins Award

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A special International Award will be given to the first educational institution known to LERN to accept late work without penalty, part of the new grading system for the 21st century. The...

Why discounts work

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In 1869, the first price tag appeared on merchandise at the Paris department store Le Bon Marche. Consumers flocked to the store for their bargains and the idea of the discount was...

New competencies task force

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A new task force on 21st Century Competencies gives you and other LERN members a chance to provide your input and ideas on this exciting new issue. Headed by our Gen Y...

Hot new info

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Here are 10 of the hot new information sessions you will get at the big LERN Annual Conference in New Orleans, Dec. 2-5. Each has big ROI for your program. Traction: 5...

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