Top Stories of 2015

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iStock_000050532656_LargeThe Year 2015 was the first year when, like a river, the Knowledge Society of the 21st Century rushed forward, unstoppable as gravity.  Like boulders in the river, not everything moving forward will be smooth, but society will navigate those boulders as we quickly discard the Industrial Age of the last century.

Our annual Nine Shift report looks at the transition from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Society.  Last year at this time we were “On the Edge of History.”  We have since plunged forward.

As blog commenter “Tim in San Antonio” noted, “Water moves due to an inextricable force [gravity] much like Change happens due to the inevitable. And really there’s nothing to fear. Dive right in!”

No better illustration of that plunge forward for Americans was the 48 hours on June 25-26 when three Supreme Court decisions and a speech by President Obama.  It is our Nine Shift #1 story of the year.

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