Transfer only 10% of calls

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DaffodilEven though online registration has reduced the number of phone calls your program may receive, every phone call is a potential customer.  Communication with customers requires an ‘A1, Second to None’ frontline customer staff, says LERN consultant Greg Marsello, who does Program Reviews all over North America every week.

Your frontline staff both 1) can turn inquiries into sales, and 2) save time for your professional staff. LERN’s research of winning Operations Teams has uncovered the benchmark for customer communications being forwarded to professional staff, your revenue generators, at 10% or less.

That means 90% of phone calls should be answered or responded to directly by your frontline staff, the person answering the phones. To reduce professional staff time on individual customers and to turn more inquiries into registrations, only a great frontline staff is the answer!

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