We Win! Print Brochures Survive and Thrive

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Brochure Covers BlueWe Win!  The print brochure has survived and is now thriving in lifelong learning. Yes, there are still some programs eliminating the print brochure and seeing huge traumatic drops in registrations and income.

But we are seeing fewer lifelong learning programs making that mistake.  The vast majority of lifelong learning programs are keeping their print brochure. The most successful programs are strengthening their print brochure and emphasis on brochure distribution.

The print brochure generates 70 percent of your registrations, according to LERN’s Julie Coates, who did a session on Nine Reasons to Keep Your Print Brochure.  LERN began doing that session at our conference a couple of years ago in response to the devastating effects of programs dropping the print brochure.

The latest conference saw people attend Coates’ session.  One programmer reported that the elimination of the print brochure for a nearby organization resulted in a 60 percent drop in registrations.

But from yet another year of outstanding brochures submitted for our awards and the hundreds of print brochures from lifelong learning programs that LERN receives each year, it is looking like the field has fought and won the battle to keep the print brochure.  That’s big good news for your program.

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