LERN can help you increase your registrations by 10%
A recent third-party analysis of LERN’s impact on member programs determined that LERN members generate, on average, 10% higher registrations than non-members.

Hundreds of community education/public school programs across the United States and Canada have gained the benefit of “Information that works!” by becoming LERN members. LERN provides the latest, most advanced, practical, how-to information on continuing education marketing, operations, and programming.

Check out the range of benefits and services LERN offers, and see what your colleagues say about us. Become a LERN member.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee first-time members a 10:1 return on your dues if you use your free benefits. You will make or save ten times what you pay in dues – or your money back.

Top 5 FREE Member Benefits

  • Brochure critique
  • Three hours of free telephone or email consulting
  • Monthly Webinars
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Marketing critique

Practical, How-to Info on these and other topics:

  • Writing course descriptions
  • Pricing
  • Staffing structure
  • Youth Programs and Summer Camps
  • Print promotion and brochure design
  • Writing copy that sells
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Most successful email promotion strategies
  • Integrated marketing strategies
  • Demographic trends... and much more


  • We did receive our brochure critique, and as usual, it was most helpful. I continue to be impressed with the LERN services. Our website critique was also full of insightful feedback. I am retiring shortly, and am strongly recommending LERN to my successor.
    Sara Aeschbach, Ann Arbor Public Schools (MI)
  • We followed LERN’s recommendation of mailing to the areas where we received 80% of our registrations. The 80% was merged with our Best Customers list from the last two years. We reduced the number of total brochures printed by 36,000. With the money saved, we were able to upgrade our brochure, and we have seen an increase in revenue. As of October 9th, we are almost $6,000 ahead in revenue compared to the same time last year, and we have more classes that have not yet started.
    District 214 Community Education, Arlington Heights, IL J,   I

The Learning Resources Network

LERN is a nonprofit 501.c.3 educational organization dedicated to serving Recreation Departments and other lifelong learning programs in providing classes, camps, activities and other programs to your community. Serving Recreation Departments since 1984.

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