Learning Resources Network (LERN)
Our privacy statement and policy is as follows:
“LERN, including our UGotClass program of online certificates and courses, will not knowingly or intentionally disclose any personally identifiable information received by LERN from its member organizations or other UGotClass Partner organizations.  LERN will use the information exclusively for the purposes identified by the UGotClass Partner organization providing such information to LERN.”
Unless authorized by the UGotClass Partner organization, UGotClass and LERN will not release student information to any other organization or individual,  the information will not be used to contact any student, nor use the information in any other way that is not authorized by the UGotClass Partner organization.
LERN staff have received training in FERPA procedures and complies with all its stated requirements.
For more information, please contact us at info@lern.org or 800-678-5376, or in writing at LERN, P.O. Box 9, River Falls, WI 54022.  U.S.A.