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Certified Program Planner (CPP)

About the Certified Program Planner (CPP)

The Certified Program Planner (CPP) training and designation is the most recognized in the world in the field of lifelong learning programming.

When you see CPP behind someone’s name, that person has achieved and maintained a level of knowledge and skills in lifelong learning programming that is the leading professional development standard in the field.

CPPs are with organizations in a variety of institutional settings. Some of the most common institutional settings doing lifelong
learning programming are:

- Recreation Departments, which often use the term recreation programming.
- Public Schools, which commonly use the term community education.
- Associations, which use the term association education or professional development.
- Community Colleges, which usually use the term continuing education.
- Universities, which usually use the term continuing education.

The CPP designation is an outcome-based standard, meaning the person has to both complete a program of professional development and pass an exam.

The subject content and curriculum for the CPP:

  • Overview and history of the Field
  • Learning & Teaching
  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Development
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Program Analysis
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Brochures & Promotion
  • Customer Service

CPPs are not only trained to improve their own productivity, but the data shows they are an integral cause of organizational success and improved service to the community.

The professional development can be taken in-person, which often involves three or more full days of study, or online, which is usually 12 weeks of online study and interaction with the instructor.

As of 2019, CPPs now model the value and practice of lifelong learning by renewing their CPP credentials every two years to stay continuously updated and keep their organizations relevant.

And yes, CPPs actually receive (and deserve) a medal, which looks great in a frame, as well as a certificate verifying their knowledge skills.  

Lifelong learning now critical to both economic prosperity and quality of life in our societies and communities. The CPP is the leading