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It changes every classroom and teacher

by Julie Coates, the foremost adult learning researcher of our time.

With pioneering new research and insights, LERN is proud and excited to premiere Julie Coates’ new book Invisible Diversity, the first book ever on the subject.

The book will change every one of your classes and improve your participants’ learning.


Table of Contents
Preface: Education and Civil Rights, page 1
Chapter 1. The Anxiety Epidemic, page 9
Chapter 2. Students with Autism, page 29
Chapter 3. Generational Learning Styles, page 57
Chapter 4. New Kids on the Block: Generation Z, page 85
Chapter 5. Gender & Learning, page 97
Chapter 6. Teaching While White, Learning While Black, page 131
Conclusion, page 171

About the Author
   A 1960s civil rights leader, she was called “one of the heroines” for her role in confronting the Klu Klux Klan, which tried to kill her several times.

She did her education at Cornell University, North Carolina State University, and Kansas State University.

Coates has taught at the graduate level, undergraduate level, and has been an elementary school teacher.  She has been teaching adults for decades, and ran one of the largest community education programs in the country.  She has tutored and mentored a number of young people, especially African American boys. Coates has done consulting and speaking for education organizations in Australia, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada and all over the United States.

For the past 25 years she has been on the cutting edge of research regarding learning and diversity.
Coates is Senior Vice President for the Learning Resources Network (LERN), the largest lifelong learning programming association in the world.
She is also an adjunct professor for the graduate program in adult and higher education for the University of South Dakota.

Other Books by Julie Coates
-Generational Learning Styles, the first book on the subject and still the classic.
-The Pedagogy of the 21stCentury
-Smart Boys, Bad Grades
-Nine Shift: Work, life and education in the 21stCentury, with William A. Draves


Invisible Diversity: Teaching Every Student
© 2019
174 pages
ISBN: Print copy: 1-978-57722-043-5
Epub/Kindle version: 1-978-1-57722-056-5

$20 print copy

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