LERN has experts in programming, marketing, sales and operations who can address specific challenges your organization is facing.

LERN consultants are all practitioners and their recommendations and support are practical, specific to your organization and guaranteed to give you a 10:1 ROI. Consulting examples include staff restructuring, redesigning pricing, building a contract sales department and more.

Here are some other consulting services from LERN:

Premiere Services

A LERN consultant can come to your location and conduct a Program Review, create a One-Year Plan for your organization, develop an Online Course Strategy, as well as provide other strategic support.

Our newest premiere offering is Interim Leadership Services. LERN can provide you with an interim director or dean during transitional periods or administrative absences.

Our expert consultants can run your program, train your staff and help you put together search committees to find a permanent leader.

LERN Boot Camp

With LERN’s Boot Camp, you select four areas to focus on. You will explore the areas with your staff members, help them start to apply these ideas to their situations and finish with a list of action items for the entire group to initiate.

LERN Talent Management Workshop 

The LERN Talent Management Workshop teaches you about the process of hiring, onboarding, developing, retaining and, when appropriate, helping employees to exit an organization.

For more information on LERN’s Consulting Services, email info@lern.org – or call us at 800-678-5376.

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