LERN has identified the six most requested best practice services and developed an affordable webcast delivery method to provide your staff LERN consulting and training without having to leave the office:

1. Building a One-Year Business Plan
Winning lifelong learning programs utilize a one-year business plan. Understand LERN’s One-Year Business Plan Model and how to build your program’s plan. Find out how a one-year business plan can significantly improve your efficiency and performance.
2. Creating a Marketing Plan
Great programming requires outstanding marketing. Learn how you can build an integrated marketing plan using LERN’s Market Plan Model. Improve the performance of your direct marketing and electronic promotions, as well as the ROI on your promotion dollars.
3. Developing & Pricing Successful New Courses
20 percent of your courses each year should be new. Learn a proven step-by-step process for developing new courses, as well as winning pricing strategies. Reduce your cancellation rate, increase your average participants, improve your operating margin, and grow customer satisfaction.
4. Assessing Your Lifelong Learning Program
Is your lifelong learning program one of the 25 percent winners? Find out the benchmarks and best practices your program needs to match up to. Develop a course programming, marketing, contract sales, and operations action plan for transforming your program into an industry leader.
5. Staffing Structure & Increasing Productivity
Reduced resources require increased productivity. Understand the four components of an effective staffing structure, as well as the top 25 strategies for increasing your staff and program performance. Learn how to increase your staff productivity number to $125,000+ per person.
6. Performing a Community Needs Assessment
Successful lifelong learning programs understand the importance of being customer managers. Discover a process you can implement for performing a community needs assessment and winning strategies for understanding the needs of your community. Learn how to give people what they want.


Once you select the best practice service(s) you want, you are assigned a LERN consultant who schedules an initial call to customize your best practice service(s), including the scheduling of webcast training and individualized consulting time.


The cost for each best practice service is $1,995. Discounts for purchasing multiple best practice services are available.

Scheduling Best Practice Services

To schedule your best practice service(s) you should email info@lern.org or call (800) 678-5376.

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