Everyday, successful, as well as struggling, continuing, community and corporate education programs lean on LERN to provide specific how-to recommendations to significantly improve their programming, marketing, operations and sales efforts.

One of LERN’s most popular consulting services is the Program Review – a comprehensive assessment of your program. You provide available data, information and materials. LERN analyzes, visits for two days, and before leaving provides a list of recommendations you can start implementing immediately.

Program Review Benefits

  1. Find out how your program matches up to others in your constituency.
  2. Get the benchmarks you must be tracking to measure performance.
  3. Understand the key actions you need to implement to reduce costs and boost revenue and registrations.
  4. Know the specific steps you need to take to improve programming, marketing, sales and operations.
  5. Generate at least a 10:1 ROI for the dollars you spend with LERN.

How the Program Review Works

Step 1 – LERN provides your program a list of items such as data, information and materials for you to submit at the beginning of the process.

Step 2 – A LERN consultant visits your program for two days. Day one is for review, questions and answers, and information gathering. Day two is when an initial report is given to your program.

Step 3 – A Program Review report is created specially for your program, including specific analysis and recommendations.

Performance Criteria Measured During the Program Review

  • Programming
  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Staff structure and management
  • Planning

What You Need To Provide

  1. Registration and/or purchasing data
  2. Promotion materials and web site address
  3. Financial information
  4. Benchmark data and numbers
  5. Organizational chart
  6. Pricing examples
  7. Marketing, business and strategic plans

A Few Programs Benefiting from Program Review

  • Langara College, British Columbia
  • Arizona Continuing Legal Education, Arizona
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools, Michigan
  • Bucks County Community College, Pennsylvania
  • Irvine Fine Arts Center, California
  • Memorial University, Newfoundland


The price for the two-day Program Review is $9,000 including expenses (due to size some programs require a three-day Program Review that costs $12,000 including expenses). Implementation of just some of our recommendations will generate at least a 10:1 return on investment. The price includes your LERN consultant being available to answer questions as you work on implementing recommendations.

More Information

For more information on LERN’s Program Review email info@lern.org and you will be connected with a LERN consultant who can answer your questions and schedule your Program Review.

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