Come to LERN and go home a Certified Program Planner (CPP). This conference gives you the best professional training available in the field of lifelong learning programming. Now you can also get the recognition you deserve by passing the CPP exam and becoming a Certified Program Planner.

Here’s how it works:
Register for the Conference and the CPP Training and CPP exam. You will then receive the complete CPP readings, a manual on everything from brochure distribution to course evaluations, when you arrive at the Conference. Then, after the conference, take the CPP exam, scheduled from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday. Go home with the most comprehensive and complete training and, when you pass the exam, your CPP status.

The additional CPP training fee of just $395 includes: complete CPP readings, Wednesday’s pre-conference seminar, “Designing Brochures for Results” (normally $125), CPP exam offering, monitoring and evaluation (normally
$95), and CPP award benefits (normally $190).

For more information
If you have additional questions about the CPP designation or exam, feel free to contact LERN, (800) 678-5376, or via email at info@lern.org. To register for the CPP Training and Certified Program Planner exam, just check the box on your conference registration form. Complete follow-up information will be sent to you.

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