Certified Contract Trainer

Certified Contract Trainer Online

March 4th – May 10th, 2024

The Certified Contract Trainer Institute is the most complete, comprehensive and advanced training in the field of contract training. By attending the online Certified Contract Trainer Institute, you can earn your Certified Contract Trainer (CCT) designation.

In this nuts and bolts Institute, you will learn the practical and proven skills in contract training. Best practices, benchmarks and strategies utilized by successful contract training units are taught.

After attending the online Certified Contract Trainer Institute, you will be able to generate leads, boost contracts, implement needs assessment, successfully price contracts, and increase your operating margin and net. You will have strategies and techniques for increasing your effectiveness and success rate.

You will receive information not available anywhere else. Only LERN can tell you how to keep pace with all the other organizations selling contracts.


Unit 1: Introduction to Contract Training
– Understanding Contract Training
– The Challenges Facing Contract Training
– Winning Contract Training

Unit 2: The Finances of Contract Training
– LERN Financial Format and Ideal Percentages
– Key Contract Training Formulas
– Data to Collect & Quarterly Analysis

Unit 3: Real World & Team Selling
– Your Contract Training Sales Kit
– Contract Training Staffing Structure: Team Selling
– Real World Selling

Unit 4: Marketing, Lead Generation & Client Analysis
– Marketing Contract Training & USP
– Lead Generation Best Practices
– Analyzing Your Clients

Unit 5: Needs Assessment
– What Is Needs Assessment?
– Why Do Needs Assessment?
– 8 Step Needs Assessment Process

Unit 6: Pricing Contract Training
– Understanding Contract Costs
– Formula Pricing and Market Pricing
– Pricing Best Practices

Unit 7: Teaming with the Right Instructors
– Important Skills for a Contract Training Instructor
– Finding Instructors
– Clarifying Things from the Start

Unit 8: Documents & Templates
– Clear Contracts
– Should You Propose
– Simple & Complex Proposal

Unit 9: Quality Assurance & ROI
– Two-Phase Quality Assurance
– Dealing with Complaints
– Determining ROI

Unit 10: Review Slides
-Help Preparing for CCT Exam

The online Certified Contract Trainer Institute includes recorded presentations, readings, hands-on exercises, engaged discussions, quizzes, and the sharing of strategies you and other attendees have successfully implemented.

Why you should attend: Contract training is a top growth area. Most lifelong learning programs sell contracts, but many are finding that their efforts conflict with other responsibilities and that the expectations of clients are shifting and are high. To be successful and grow contract training, you need to find out how to develop clients, utilize a salesperson, build a product base and other key skills and strategies that only LERN provides.

Each year LERN researches the contract training industry and utilizes the information to increase LERN’s contract training knowledge base. Knowledge garnered is then added to LERN’s online Certified Contract Trainer Institute, as well as other LERN contract training resources. Thus the online Certified Contract Trainer Institute is both timely and based on industry success stories.

Materials: Each Certified Contract Trainer Institute participant receives a copy of LERN’s “Contract Training Manual,” as well as other supplemental readings. The manual has an encyclopedic wealth of information that will serve as an Institute guide and a future reference source.

About Your Instructor: Brendan Marsello is the Director of Member Services with LERN. He has been a popular speaker and presenter at LERN conferences for many years.

Registration information:

The cost for this online Institute is $795.
The cost for this online Institute for University of South Dakota Master’s Degree credit is $995.

There Are Six Easy Ways To Register

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Register by Email:
Send your registration information to info@lern.org.

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Complete the registration form and fax it, toll-free, 24 hours a day, to (888) 234-8633.

Register by Phone:
Have your registration form ready and call Roy at (800) 678-5376. The phones are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT) Monday-Friday.

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Complete the registration form and mail it to:
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A purchase order will reserve your place, with payment due at or before the conference. Please fax your registration and PO to us at (888) 234-8633 and we will email you an invoice.