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Certificate in Programming Online

Online programming is growing and will become 50 percent of association professional development.  But Gen Y and future generations of association members have a different set of preferences for delivery formats, leaving some of the formats associations use with little growth potential.
Acquire the most advanced and in depth education and training in programming online for your association.  Take back to your association the latest cutting-edge information and successful techniques and strategies from the foremost authorities in online learning and programming.
Relevant for Blended
 These techniques are also essential for making your in-person events and education blended, also called hybrid or web enhanced.  With blended learning have been shown to be superior, as well as financially advantageous, over traditional classroom instruction, almost every association in-person event is predicted to be blended within the next ten years.
Who Should Attend
The program is designed for both association executives, and association staff involved in instructional design and program delivery.  You should send a team of two people, there is no additional cost for the second person.
Association executives will get the information they need to design online program strategies moving forward, as well as information needed to manage online program budgeting, marketing and staffing. Executives will also want to experience for themselves the new delivery format that will dominate association online programming.
Association staff involved in instructional design and program delivery will get the most advanced, latest practical how-to information, nuts and bolts, and steps involved in programming online with the new delivery format.
You will receive information not available anywhere else.  We guarantee it.
Overview of the courses
 First, get a review of the online delivery formats and their future potential and keys to success. Get industry numbers on registrations, income and the techniques successful associations employ. Then discover the totally new and untapped online delivery method that will become the primary online delivery method for successful associations moving forward.
Then learn about the online learning experience and find out how to build content, create interaction, and develop assessment for a successful online program.  You will also understand how to teach online and what your presenters need to know to successfully teach online.
Finally, based on you and your association’s needs, choose an advanced area of professional development.  You may choose a comprehensive course on developing online content, including content objects, audio, video, slides, visual and eTools.  Or you may choose our intensive course on engaging and interacting with your online participants and fostering online discussion.
After successfully completing the program, you and your association will have the latest, most advanced training from some of the foremost experts in programming online.
Individual Courses
Association Programming Online, January 5-30, 2015, William A. Draves, CAE, and association guest discussion leaders.
Advanced Teaching Online, February 2 – 27, 2015, Mary Dereshiwsky and William A. Draves, instructors.
Choose one of:
Advanced Designing Multimedia for eLearning, March 2 – 20, 2015, Diana Howles and Dan Belhassen, instructors.
Continual Engagement: Fostering Online Discussion, March 2-30, 2015, Mary Dereshiwsky, instructor.
All three online courses, just $995 for LERN member associations for a team of two people; $1,495 for other associations for a team of two people.  Price includes books and materials.
Guarantee: you will be satisfied, or you can apply your total fee towards another LERN product, service or activity.
How the online course works
*You participate anytime day or evening.
Log on any day of the week; from any computer, at work, at home, or on the road.
*You can participate as little or as much as you wish.
We recommend you log on 2-3 different times each week for best learning, but you decide.
* For each unit or week you:
1)Do 10-20 pages of readings;
2)Listen to the audio presentation with slides from your instructor;
3)Take the unit self quiz when you are ready to see how well you are doing; and
4)Engage in written discussion with your instructor and fellow participants, asking any question of your instructor you wish.
*No software or tech cost (iPad users will need to download free software).
Books and materials included:
-“Advanced Teaching Online,” Fourth Edition, 2013, by William A. Draves.
-“Continual Engagement: Fostering Online Discussion,” 2014, by Mary Dereshiwsky
-“Designing Visuals, Multimedia and eTools,” slides and handouts for Diana Howles and Dan Belhassen
-“Association Programming Online,” overview of online formats, benchmarks, and success guidelines.
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