checklistLERN International Awards Nomination Procedures

LERN is now accepting nominations for our annual International Awards competition. Submissions must be postmarked by Oct. 6, 2017.

LERN will recognize excellence in the following areas of practice:

• Programming
• Marketing/Social media/Digital marketing
• Management
• Brochure/Catalog Design
• Website Design
• Community Service
• People’s Choice

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Tips for a successful nomination
Each year, LERN receives more than 200 submissions. In order to be competitive it is important that you provide complete information and any data you may have to document the outcomes of your initiative as well as a clear statement about why your nomination is innovative or how it can be replicated in other communities.

1. All nominees must be LERN Members.
2. Each member organization may submit up to two nominations.
3. More than one award may be given in each category.
4. LERN may elect not to bestow an award in a category if none of the nominees meets the standards for recognition set by the judges.
5. LERN may elect to present Special Recognition Awards. A panel of judges makes selections and all decisions are final.
6. Award entries will not be returned to the nominee.
7. Submission deadline: Submissions must be postmarked by Oct. 6, 2017.



This category recognizes excellence in the design of the print brochure or catalog. You may ask the judges to review a single aspect of your brochure or to evaluate the brochure as a whole.

Competitive nominations will include a careful description of the attributes you believe are noteworthy and will also include data on the impact of the piece such as increased enrollment outcomes, increased revenue, new audiences reached, media response, and customer feedback.

Four copies must be submitted to LERN so that each judge can have a copy of the submission.


This category will recognize courses, activities, programs or events that are creative, innovative, or exemplary in some way. In addition, they may have provided a new direction for your organization or allowed you to serve new populations.

Documentation supporting the impact of the program will enhance the competitiveness of your submission. Such documentation might include:

• Number of Participants
• Changes/growth in participation
• Participant Fees
• Cost of Program
• Income Generated
• Operating Margin
• Narrative on why the Program is exemplary
• Etc.

Please include four copies of your current brochure as well as any other documentation you may have for the nomination.


This category recognizes best practices in marketing and particularly focuses on new techniques, marketing strategies, or innovations that have a demonstrated impact (or high potential for impact) on revenue/enrollment generation.

You should include a description of the marketing effort and why it was successful along with relevant data demonstrating its success such as

• Response Rate
• Return on the Dollar
• Increase in registrations or
• Income over previous years, or any means by which you measure success.
• New audiences reached
• Etc.

Please include four copies of your current brochure as well as any other documentation you may have for the nomination.

Management Practice

This category recognizes innovative and replicable procedures for staff/organizational management including the following:

• Staff Manuals
• Exemplary Operations Procedures
• Staff Training Innovations
• Restructuring for efficiency
• Other practices, training, and procedures that promote sound management

Please include four copies of your current brochure as well as any other documentation you may have for the nomination.

Innovative Practice in Customized Training and Business Partnerships

This category recognizes exemplary and replicable activities in the area of contract training and business partnerships. Recognition is given for demonstrated best practice in areas including but not limited to:

• Marketing
• Program Development
• Management
• Client Communications
• Operational Excellence
• Sales
• Innovative partnerships
• Etc.

Please include four copies of your current brochure as well as any other documentation you may have for the nomination.

Community Service

This award is not automatically given annually. It is given only for the most unique and deserving of community service efforts, and at the discretion of the judges.

This category recognizes your outstanding contribution to the community, whether it is a group or individual effort. The program itself, a staff person, teacher or participants may be nominated.

Please include four copies of your current brochure as well as any other documentation you may have for the nomination.

Exemplary Home Page/Website

This is an area of growing importance.

Though the judges will look at the page as a whole, please note in your submission which areas of your Home Page you consider exemplary.

Your submission needn’t include a copy of the web page, only the URL. Please document in your entry how your Home Page has positively affected your program, enrollments or image. Following are the areas judges will consider most carefully when reviewing your home page entry:

• Accessibility
• Innovation
• Readability
• Navigation
• Content
• Graphic Design/visual communication
• Exemplary of best practice in design

People’s Choice
Attendees of the 2016 LERN Annual Conference will vote on their favorite submissions in each category.

Awards Criteria

LERN’s primary criterion in selecting exemplary programs is the quality of being at the leading edge of the field of lifelong learning. In addition, the following criteria are considered: originality, innovation, appropriateness and adaptability as a model for other programs and measurable outcomes. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your program and the community you serve.

We look forward to reviewing your award submission!

To Submit an Award

1. Gather all information needed from the checklist provided.

2. Fill out the form below with the information needed for each individual award.

3. Mail four hard copies of each entry, including your program brochure. Each submission (including electronic submissions) should include your documentation and an Awards Submission Form to:
LERN Awards
P.O. Box 9
River Falls, WI 54022

FedEx or UPS:
LERN Awards
1015 W. Maple St.
River Falls, WI 54022

• If you do not submit four copies, your nomination will not be considered.

• If the submitted documentation is in a three-ring binder or a video, only one copy is necessary, though the judges still need four copies of the nomination form and your program brochure.

4. Be Mindful of the following:

• No late entries will be accepted. Entries must be complete as submitted, faxed or email entries will not be accepted. All entries must be postmarked by Oct. 6, 2017.

• The most competitive entries will be those that include details of how the nomination affected the program’s performance. Include cost savings, increased participation or increased income.

• The judges may determine in what category your nomination will be most competitive.

• The decision of the judges is final.

• First Place Award recipients will be notified prior to the LERN Annual Conference. Awards for first place will be presented to the winners at the Awards Luncheon during the Annual Conference.

• If your nomination receives a first place award, you must designate a representative to accept your award at the Awards Luncheon at the annual convention. If you are not able to attend the conference, LERN will assist you in naming a representative to accept your award.

Submissions must be post marked by Oct. 6, 2017.


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