For the LERN 2019 Annual Conference, we will be using a Priority Points System for booth location selection. The process is simple – the exhibitor with the most priority points will select their booth location first, the second highest will select, and so on. Points will be assigned to the exhibiting company signing the Exhibitor’s Application.
How the Priority Points System Works
Booth assignments will start Sept. 16, 2019. After Sept. 16, all booth assignments will be made on a first come, first serve basis.
Accumulating Points
1. Beginning with 2011, each year an exhibitor has exhibited: 3 points per year.
2. Exhibit booth space: 1 point per 80 square feet
3. Money spent on exhibitor booth, Conference App Sponsorships or any other sponsorships: 0.5 points for each $500 spent
Loss of Points
• Any violation of the Rules and Regulations that are not or cannot be remedied onsite. (For example: late set-up or early tear-down of booth, unauthorized use of attendee mailing list, etc.): 1 point for each violation will be deducted for the following year
Tie Breakers
If the total points between exhibitors are equal and the specific booth requested is identical, a tie-breaker will be decided by:
1. Date completed application and payment received
2. Number of years exhibiting
3. Lottery system