LERN Member Success Stories LERNcasts

LERN Member Success Stories LERNcasts are 10-20 minutes long and are interviews with LERN member programs that have a success story to tell. Click the LERNcast title to play the episode. 

Season 1

Season1, Episode 1, Contract Training & Coaching

Contract training units are working hard to expand services. Eric Johnson, the Associate Vice President at Northeast College in Nebraska shares how his team has embedded coaching into contracts, as well as the selling of other services such as consulting.

Season 1, Episode 2, Successful Summer Camps

Summer Camps are a critical component of Recreation Departments. Laura Wetherald, the Recreation Chief for Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks in Maryland reveals how her Department can successfully run over 1,800 camps each summer.

Season 1, Episode 3, 3-In-A Box Cross Functional Teams

Cross functional teams are hot. Toni Wegner, the Chief Operating Officer for Texas Extended Campus (TEC) at the University of Texas at Austin explains TEC’s 3-In-A-Box cross functional team model and the benefits garnered.

Season 1, Episode 4, Partnerships

To be competitive, partnerships are becoming more important. Patrick Mogge, the Director of Community Engagement and Outreach for High School District 214 in Illinois shares his expertise in selecting and building win/win partnerships.

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