LERN members have more registrations and you can, too! 

LERN members have 12 percent higher registrations than non-members. That’s because LERN members have access to information not available anywhere else—answers worth thousands of dollars to your program.

How do we do it? By utilizing the top consultants in the business and our network of 4,000 members in 20 countries. LERN serves a wide variety of institutions, including state universities, four-year colleges, colleges within universities, private colleges, community colleges, technical colleges, public schools, recreation departments and associations.

Join LERN today and take your program to the next level. Your membership is NO-RISK. We guarantee you will generate at least 10 times your membership fee in increased income or reduced costs if you take advantage of your benefits—or your money back!

Here are the benefits of LERN membership:

    Organizational Members
    -Programs with 5 or fewer FTE staff get up to 5 individuals receiving benefits
    -Programs with 6 or more FTE staff get up to 12 individuals receiving benefits

    1.FREE Monthly Webinars
    1-2 each month for ten months.

    2.Article of the Month
    ‘Must Read’ article each month in your LERN Club.

    3.Monthly Email News

    4.Quarterly Print Newsletter
    Hard copy to Primary Contact Person
    Emailed to other members.

    5.Research and Survey Results
    Results of our annual registration survey,
    research and other selected surveys.

    Premiere Members
    Premiere Members are Organizational Members who also either a)Attend the annual Virtual Conference, and/or b)Generate more than 50 registrations in the previous year for UGotClass.

    In addition to all the Benefits for Organizational Members, Premiere Members receive the following.
    -Up to 3 hours of consulting upon request; and
    -One personal critique a year, such as a critique of your brochure, website, pricing, class offerings, or marketing.

    Gold Members
    Gold Members generate $10,000 or more to LERN from services and/or 100 UGotClass registrations a year.

    Gold Members receive all the Benefits of both Organizational Members and Premiere Members, plus the following.
    -Multiple critiques given to Gold Members upon request. Any of the Premiere Member critiques listed above, on request.
    -Research on a specific topic.
    -Direct contact with LERN’s President or Vice Presidents upon request.

    Want to learn more or sign up today? Contact Gale Hughes at gale@lern.org.

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