21st Century Competencies

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competenciesWe need to determine and describe the new 21st-century competencies and attributes for lifelong learning administrators, Senior LERN Leaders agreed in this year’s annual leadership retreat Tucson.

Top questions being asked by the top 30 members in the LERN leadership included:
-How do we identify 21st-century staff attribute needs?
-How do we measure those 21st-century attributes?
-How do we develop a matrix to provide guidelines on what those are?

Two new areas of knowledge, they noted, would include sustainability, video production and generational characteristics. And there are some totally new jobs emerging in our field, they noted, such as instructional designer and sales account manager.

“LERN should develop matrices to evaluate staff competencies and roles,” Michael Garamoni of Grayslake, IL, reported from the group. “What assessment can be used to measure these competencies?” the group asked.
They called for some guidelines on what it takes to be a successful lifelong learning program employer. For example, the group noted “If you don’t have Gen Y on your staff and in your leadership, you better diversify and include them.”

The group proposed that LERN create additional certifications and online training in instructional design and other new 21st-century emerging skill areas.

More Focus on Gen X
The group also called for more focus on Gen X and Gen X strengths. “Gen X has a big opportunity for leadership,” they noted. “There will soon be more jobs and higher levels than people to fill them.”

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