Special Report: Executive Leadership

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specialThis month’s home page is devoted to the top stories coming out of LERN’s annual Executive Leadership Institute, held this spring in Tucson.

Top leaders in the field of lifelong learning cited as the top trends for executives topics falling into four areas.  New in 2015 is the arrival of “Learning” as a chief area of interest and involvement for executives in lifelong learning.

The Top 4 Areas and trend topics

  1. Learning, including online and mixed mode delivery;
  2. Growth Markets, including certificates, credit and third party vendors;
  3. Management and Leadership, including staff growth, program evaluation, and pay scales for instructors;
  4. External Environment, including the changing landscape of c.e., technology, and changing markets.

Check out the other stories coming out of the 2015 Executive Leadership Institute on this month’s Home Page.

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