FREE Course: Managing Remote Workers


Gain a 21st Century skill for the rest of your career.

A FREE one-month online course for LERN Members on “Managing Remote Workers” will be held June 1-25, 2021, and again October 4-29, 2021.

Staff who work from home are 25% more productive than people who work in an office.
Even after the pandemic is over, more nonprofits will be allowing, encouraging and sending their workers home to work.

Whether you have one person or many working remotely, discover how to successfully supervise and manage remote workers.

What to do: Renew your membership in LERN in 2021.
That’s it. Nothing more. Just do what you will do anyway – – renew your membership.
The one-month online course is FREE to you and any of your other 5 staff on the LERN membership roster.

Questions? Call us at 800-678-5376 or email Tammy Peterson at Tammy@lern.org

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