The data from associations is clear.  Traditional online formats are peaking or at a plateau. At the same time, as Gen Y moves into the workplace and associations,  the new technology and younger generations represent a very different prospect for the mix of online delivery formats for associations moving forward.
Get a review of the online delivery formats and their future potential and keys to success. Get industry numbers on registrations, income and the techniques successful associations employ. Then discover the totally new and untapped online delivery method that will become the primary online delivery method for successful associations moving forward.
Especially relevant for association executives planning and managing association education programs, you will get critical information not available from any other source to position your association for success with online programming moving forward.
One month, January 5-30, 2015, William A. Draves, CAE, Julie Coates, and association guest discussion leaders.
Unit 1
Overview of Association Programming Online
-Where we are at today
-The promise of online programming
-The challenge with online programming
-The product mix of in-person, blended, and online
Unit 2
Current Association Online Delivery Formats
-Webinars, webcasts, online self study, other formats
-Benchmarks, ratios, industry averages
-Finances, operating margins, average fees, profitability
-Growth forecast for the next 5 years
Unit 3
The Demographics of Association Programming
Guest: Julie Coates, Vice President for Research, and author of “Generational Learning Styles.”
-Generational turnover and changing demographics of associations
-Characteristics of Gen Y and Gen Z
-The Changing Workplace
-How your young association members learned in school
Unit 4
The Asynchronous Teacher-Led Online Format
-How it is different and why it works
-Superior learning
-Superior finance performance
-Why it will become associations’ primary online delivery format