Flip Your Classroom

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flippedThe Flipped Classroom has now officially entered the lexicon and minds of programmers in the field of lifelong learning programming.

In the Flipped Classroom the instructor records her or his presentations online so that participants listen and view the presentations outside of class time and outside of the in-person classroom.  And then the instructor spends more class time helping participants study, learn, and do work.  So participant work and instructor presentations are “flipped.”

The concept and practice has been pioneered by K-12 teachers, who flip homework and teacher presentations.  The Flipped Classroom has migrated to higher education, and is now being explored by programmers in lifelong learning and continuing education.

The Flipped Classroom was a major topic of discussion and focus among LERN leaders meeting this spring.   Leaders shared examples in K-12, higher ed, and professional development settings. They want a set of best practices, including:
-Ideal length and shelf-life of instructor presentations
-Best content and venues for instructor presentations
-Technical information on good instruction
-How to group or match learners in the in-person setting
– What happens when a participant comes to class without having viewed the instructor presentation. From interaction with instructors interested in The Flipped Classroom, this is the first and biggest question.

Leaders recommended that LERN:
-Do a flipped conference session
-Have a video course description about the flipped classroom
-Offer a UGotClass online course on the Flipped Classroom.

Coming up for The Flipped Classroom:

*Session at conference
At least one session at the big LERN annual conference in Orlando on The Flipped Classroom. Conference organizers also hope to offer a flipped session.

*Programmer training
LERN members, especially those engaged in programming, are now being briefed on The Flipped Classroom in the LERN Advanced Programming Institute.

*Online course
The Flipped Classroom, an online course with John D. Meyer of the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, will premiere in November.  It will be offered four times a year and also can be taken as part of the new Certified Blended Instructor (CBI) designation.

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