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lernboardThe LERN Board of Directors is leading your association and the field into the new environment of the 21st century.  This spring the Board took several major steps in transitioning LERN into the next decade.

This is a unique time of transition for the field and LERN.

Here are the major actions taken by the Board, and their implications for society, the field, and your member benefits and services.

1. Member institutional diversity supported.

With LERN serving members in a number of different institutional settings, the Board re-affirmed the value of cross-information among professionals in different institutional settings, particular its membership in recreation departments, community education in public schools, and associations.

A major initiative in preserving that institutional diversity will be providing member programs with smaller budgets the opportunity to support LERN by generating online registrations through UGotClass. The revenue stream makes money for the member while keeping dues and conference fees affordable at the same time.

2. New revenue streams and growth.

The Board supported new 21st century revenue streams to keep LERN growing.  The Board reaffirmed keeping dues affordable for our 1,100 members.  Dues are just 16% of LERN revenue. New revenue streams include Program Reviews for more member programs, more staff training, and urging members to make UGotClass their primary online course provider. The Board approved of growing the revenue, services and member benefits moving forward. It passed a budget for FY15 of $3.3 million. LERN members must contribute more to LERN to keep your benefits and services strong.

3. Members urged to Partner with UGotClass

The LERN leadership is urging members to make UGotClass their primary online course provider. LERN members must contribute more to LERN to keep your benefits and services strong. Generating just 4 online registrations a month is a no-cost way to expand your benefits and services. You make money and keep dues and fees affordable at the same time.

4. Gender equity supported.

The Board made LERN the first education association to support gender equity in education. With quality formal education essential to the economic prosperity of both Canadian and American societies, the LERN Board built on its 2008 pioneering vote supporting grading based solely on learning and knowledge rather than behavior.

The LERN Board is being pro-active in:
a) Leading the lifelong learning field in transitioning to the new environment of the 21st century, b) Growing Gen X and Gen Y leadership to take over LERN, and
c) Creating new revenue streams to support your association in the new economy.

LERN is a non-profit tax-exempt educational organization. The LERN Board of Directors are composed solely of LERN members. The Board of Directors for 2014-2015 are:
– Cathy Noonan, City of San Jose, CA (Chair);
– Rob Watters, ASQ, Milwaukee, WI (Chair Elect);
– Gabriele Janes, Canadian Marketing Association, Toronto, ON (Immediate Past Chair);
– Kim Becicka, Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, IA (Treasurer);
– Paula Hogard, Penn State University, State University, PA;
– Djuna Forrester, North Central Texas College, Gainesville, TX;
– Sherry Kuhn, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV:
– Susan Wirt, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA;
– Chuck Ramm, City of Temple, Temple, TX;
– Daniel Thorpe, Langara College, Vancouver, BC.

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