Does your program have a healthy operating margin and a safe course cancellation rate? Are you on track to meet your budget goal?

With LERN’s Wellness Check Tool you can determine the financial and promotional strength of your program as it stacks up against national benchmarks, and you can see the areas where you need to tighten up or improve performance.

Annual Wellness Check

There are key benchmarks you should meet in order to have a successful lifelong learning program. There are formulas for success that are applicable to every lifelong learning program. Take our wellness check below to see how you’re doing.
  • LERN Wellness Check

  • These two statistics are central to your financial planning.

  • Your ideal ratio should be 10-15% on promotion and 45-50% on production. Your ideal operating margin should be 40-50%.

  • LERN recommends that you produce a print brochure or catalog, have a compelling website, create a strategic email campaign, and include at least two other digital marketing strategies for best results.