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Sept 15 New CompetencesSliderA new task force on 21st Century Competencies gives you and other LERN members a chance to provide your input and ideas on this exciting new issue. Headed by our Gen Y leader Michael Garamoni of Grayslake, Illinois, the task force will look at what new competencies people need in the 21st century.

Those new competencies include both skills for staff in the field of lifelong learning, and also general workplace skills for the 21st century, skills around which you may want to develop new courses.

The new task force will convene at the big LERN annual conference in New Orleans, Dec. 2-5.

Three meetings will be held:

  1. Online for a week.
    For 1-2 weeks before the conference, you and other conference participants can go online and provide your input and ideas. The online pre-conference activities are FREE to anyone registered for the full conference.
  2. LERN Leaders meet.
    Garamoni will lead the 21st Century Competencies Task Force in a planning meeting on Dec. 2, the day before the conference begins. If you want to be a part of that Task Force, email Tammy at info@lern.org to request to be invited.
  3. Roundtable Discussion.
    Anyone may attend a Roundtable Discussion on the topic on Thursday, Dec 3, during the 3 p.m. – 3:50 p.m. concurrent sessions time. You will get an update on the ideas so far. And you will have a chance to participate and share your thoughts with your colleagues.

Get in on this important cutting-edge discussion for your program and for the field. You’ll take away great ideas and sharing with your colleagues. Questions?  Email Tammy at info@lern.org.

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