New! Dashboard Coming

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New!  The LERN Dashboard is complete and will be rolled out soon.    HP Dashboard (2)

With LERN’s new Dashboard you will be able to have up-to-date statistics and averages from other programs at your fingertips.

You will get the latest info on:



-Cancellation rate

-Brochure to registration ratios

-Operating Margin

-New offerings

And you will be able to break down that info by:

-Your institutional setting or constituency

-Your program’s budget size

-Your program’s registration numbers (a range)

-Your country and/or  state or province

The numbers will be for Open Enrollment programs.  If your program also does Contract Sales, a separate Dashboard will have info just on Contract Sales.

You will receive an email requesting you to provide organization information and then open enrollment and contract sales statistics and then you will have access to the tabulated data through the LERN Club where you can modify your search by constituency, country, budget size and so on.

The LERN Dashboard was originally suggested by LERN leader Doug Soo of Vancouver, BC, and endorsed by your Senior LERN Leadership.  We are pleased to bring yet another new FREE member service to you.

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