Next LERN CEO Named

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LERNceoDr. Layne Harpine of Emerald Isle, North Carolina, has been named the next LERN CEO.  The announcement was made to Senior LERN Leaders meeting in Tucson this spring for the annual LERN planning retreat.

Harpine will become CEO in 2019, as part of a LERN Management Team Transition plan for the next 10 years.

“On behalf of Julie Coates and Greg Marsello, the original members of your Senior Management Team, I am extremely pleased to announce that Layne Harpine will be your next LERN CEO,” President William A. Draves told the LERN leaders.

“With a background that includes working in the corporate sector and being a senior administrator in a higher education institution, Layne brings an added skill set to the LERN staff that is both welcome and important to LERN’s future,” Draves noted.

Dr. Harpine has been serving as Senior Consultant with LERN for the past year.  He will immediately be Vice President of LERN, with most staff reporting to him over the course of the next 12 months.

Here’s the full management team transition plan for LERN for the next 10 years:

LERN Management Team Transition Plan 2015 – 2024

Julie Coates, Greg Marsello, and William A. Draves are pleased to present the LERN management team transition plan and timeline for 2015 – 2024.

Greg Marsello, Vice President for Organizational Development, becomes Senior Vice President for Organizational Development, effective immediately.

Julie Coates, Vice President for Information Services, becomes Senior Vice President for Information Services and Research, effective immediately.

Suzanne Kart continues as Associate Vice President for Marketing.

Dan Torrez, Director of Operations, becomes Associate Vice President for Operations, effective immediately.

Layne Harpine, Senior Consultant, becomes Vice President of LERN, effective immediately.

Dr. Harpine will begin reporting to President Draves, effective immediately

Staff and the Board of Directors were notified in January, 2015. There was a three-month opportunity for Board members and staff to provide feedback on the plan.

The public announcement of the transition plan was made at the Senior LERN Leader Retreat on April 25, 2015.

There will be a transition period anticipated to last until July 1, 2016, upon which date Dr. Harpine will have assumed all of the duties of Vice President, including the reporting of the Associate Vice Presidents to the Vice President.

It is anticipated that sometime during the calendar years 2016 and 2017 Ms. Coates and Mr. Marsello will begin working at LERN at no more than quarter time. They will retain their titles in the organization until December 2024.

It is anticipated that sometime during the calendar year 2019 Dr. Harpine will become Executive Vice President and CEO, meaning that he will take over the majority of responsibilities and duties currently those of Mr. Draves.  Mr. Draves is proposing that he retain the title of President until no later than December 2024, subject to a review in 2019 by Mr. Draves, Dr. Harpine, and the Board of Directors to confirm the best interests of the organization.

During the period of 2019 to 2024 Mr. Marsello, Ms. Coates and Mr. Draves will be offered some duties and responsibilities of their choice, not to exceed an average of 10 hours a week of paid time; and that in addition, they will serve as advisors to Dr. Harpine and also consider the best interests of keeping the LERN organization vital until the end of 2024.

The 50th annual LERN conference will be held and celebrated in 2022.

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