Program Review Your Best ROI

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There are 48 criteria your program should be benchmarked against. You might be surprised at how well king tamangyour program stacks up against these 42 criteria.  And we know you will get LERN recommendations that will strengthen your program, reinforce the things you are doing well, and provide an ROI for your dollar that is the best ROI in the field of continuing education and lifelong learning. We know this based on the comments of  hundreds of your colleagues who have had their organizations undergo a LERN Program Review.

Your administration will like the third-party objective analysis of the best consultants in the world on lifelong learning and continuing education.  Your staff will like the reinforcement about what they are doing right. Everyone will like the recommendations that will make your program even more successful.

LERN Program Review
LERN consultant Julia King Tamang, left, with Jerry Schulz and Shirley Metcalf at a LERN Program Review for Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon. The Program Review is hugely profitable and your best ROI from LERN, according to LERN members. For information your own personalized Program Review, email Greg Marsello at marsello@lern.org

For information your own personalized Program Review, email Layne Harpine at harpine@lern.org.

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