Record Year for LERN

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recordyearLERN ended its fiscal year this summer posting more records, plus a look to the future. Record conference attendance and record income were bookended by trends moving the field forward in the 21st century.

Here’s the Top 10 highlights of the LERN year:

1. Leaders transition field into new learning formats.
LERN leaders initiated the emergence of online, hybrid, flipped, eTools, understanding the adult learner, and other delivery formats for the field. Our Advanced Institutes begin to shift from brain dumps to more interactive events.

2. Record conference attendance.
An all-time record conference attendance of 1,000  in San Francisco provided one of our best conferences ever, with new information and trends.

3. Members report NineShift changes now happening.
LERN members reported for the first time changes predicted by LERN, especially the suburban demographic changes affecting their programs.

4. Record income for LERN.
For the third straight year, income for LERN sets an all-time record high. The $3.4 million in income this year is essential for LERN to increase member benefits and services moving forward.

5. ‘Team Y’ featured in new LERN staffing structure.
Gen Xer Layne Harpine is hired as a Senior Consultant,  Dan Torrez becomes Director of Operations, and a number of Gen Yers (dubbed Team Y by Suzanne Kart) join the staff to prepare LERN for future growth.

6. UGotClass courses named superior.
LERN members report UGotClass courses are superior to other online course providers, as we expand courses to over 100 and begin a campaign for every LERN member to make UGotClass its primary online course provider.

7. Future Leaders Council and Mentorship formed for young members
Susan Davis becomes the first Chair of the Future Leaders Council, as a LERN Mentor program is established, the Council has its first meeting, webinars and social media networking.

8. Two new designations introduced.
LERN Institutes set a 10 year record for attendance and two new designations are introduced, the Certified Marketing Professional (CMP) and Certified Professional Programmer (C2P).

9. Largest consulting contract ever.
LERN garners a big $200,000 consulting contract with a single institution, the largest consulting contract in our history.

10. Work starts on a new Digital Library
Work starts on a new Digital Library for LERN members and customers, with all our paid publications and webinars available at any time for a single price.

The new Digital Library will premiere in the coming year, as will many other new services and valuable information. Thanks for being a LERN member and making LERN the largest lifelong learning association in the world!

Photo: LERN staff share a laugh at a staff retreat this spring. From right, Tammy Peterson, Katie Will, Greg Marsello and Julie Coates.

What prompted the laughter.  Julie and Greg served as judges during a Jeopardy style game on LERN history and mission for new staff.  Unable to provide the correct answer to a question about why LERN was initially headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas, a staff member guessed “Because Julie lived there,” prompting Julie to give a thumbs up while Greg simultaneously did a thumbs down.

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