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Sell time, the value of time, and the experience of time in your promotions, especially to Gen Y.  Gen Y is a generation that values itsselltime time more than any other previous generation, and is more attracted to products that are persuasive as a good use of one’s time.

That’s the news from LERN’s lead researcher Julie Coates, who found evidence that you may want to use the experience and word “time” in your program promotions.  Coates referenced the new study in her presentations at LERN’s Advanced Programming Institute last month.

In the article, one test had three different signs advertising a lemonade stand.  The sign stressing time attracted twice as many people, who were willing to pay twice as much.

The evidence was reported by Gregory Ciotti in Kissmetrics, a blog about analytics, marketing and testing.

The article concluded that “you’ll see that catering to consumer’s most precious resource, their time, can be more persuasive than even the most drastic of price reductions.”

This year’s LERN Advanced Programming Institute had the most participants ever, and premiered the new Certified Professional Programmer (C2P) designation. LERN is encouraging every lifelong learning program to have at least one staff member trained in programming.   Next year’s Advanced Programming Institute will be in Savannah April 12-16, 2015.

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