Student engagement, even on a bike

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Katie Will, LERN Staff
Katie Will, LERN Staff

The Beginning Rider motorcycle class, as instructor Scott Collins told us, would be led by him, but also by us, the students.

In groups of four we studied the course reading materials – either individually or as a group, it was up to us.  Then we discussed the most important elements of the unit assigned us. After agreeing what the key points were, one person from each group would report back to the rest of the class. This eliminated a lot of reading time and encouraged discussion.

Each group was a assigned a number, and the units that group was in charge of were determined by the instructor before class so there was no time spent assigning units or making sure everything was covered.

If anything was missed, the instructor would chime in, but otherwise the students were leading the way. There was no lecture, only discussion, and PowerPoint slides were used as an aide to the material in our books, not as the main focus of the class. By involving us from the very beginning, the atmosphere was active and everyone was engaging with the material and with each other.  – Katie Will, LERN Staff

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