The 3 Keys to Online Course Success

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  LERN’s Certified Online Instructor (COI) program
Faculty at Brock School of Business, Samford University, during LERN online teacher training last month.

There are three keys to success with online courses right now. The lack of these keys are also the three biggest reasons why online courses fail.

LERN highlighted the three keys once again last month in an on-site training session for faculty about to teach graduate courses online with the Brock School of Business at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala.

Key #1. Continual engagement of the instructor

Instructors need to be seen as frequently in the online classroom, always responding to questions, facilitating online discussion, sending students encouraging notes about their progress in the course, and more.

With LERN’s techniques your online instructors don’t have to overwork or spend too much time in the online course. But with LERN’s tips your instructors will be continually engaged with your students.

Key #2. Multimedia

Every online course needs to includes audio presentations with slides from the instructor. If the instructor can do quality video, original video can be an alternative as long as your students hear your instructor’s voice.

This is the first year LERN has recommended that even first time online instructors with new online courses include multimedia in the very first offering.

Other multimedia, such as YouTube videos or other non-original multimedia is welcome and good as a supplement to the instructor’s own multimedia.

Key #3. Student Involvement with Content

Your students want and can be involved with the content.  Involvement with the content increases learning.  That involvement can be interacting with webquests, simulations, and other content.  The involvement can include actually creating content, such as PowerPoint presentations or even videos. That involvement can be team projects.

When your students have something to “do” with the content, not just listening or reading content, the research shows that learning increases.

LERN’s Certified Online Instructor (COI) program provides three online courses with online authorities and authors for your online instructors, whether new or experienced.  With our COI online courses offered throughout the year, you and your instructors can start the program anytime.

For more information on COI and other LERN consulting and training services for online courses and online teachers, just email Tammy at info@lern.org

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