Top 4 LERN forecasts

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forecastsLERN Forecasts for 2015 premiered at the big LERN conference in Orlando. It is the 20th year for the annual forecast, one of the most sought after reports in the field.

From the many forecasts we make about the coming year, four stand out:

1. Blended – – everything. Online technology will help enhance all our meetings, classes, communication and everything else in our field.

2. New formats, new growth markets emerging.  Gen Y and the next generation, Gen Z, are going to respond to new formats.  They also represent new opportunities for your program. Be creative and look for those opportunities.

3. Telework continues to be the silent revolution.  The percentage of people working from home keeps growing.  And the time is coming soon when your organization will need to do the same.

4. Focus on the 20 percent of activity that yields 80 percent of the results.  There’s just a lot of stuff we could be doing. There’s new tools, new social media, new ways to market.  But focus on the 20 percent of activity in marketing, and your other work, that yields 80 percent of the results.

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