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  1. Here’s a number 200 LERN members love: 0.005cupid

That’s the amazingly low refund rate for UGotClass online certificates and courses. LERN offers any student a full refund, at any time (even after the course is over) with your approval of course.

Sometimes we even beg someone to take a full refund.

And yet, and yet, we only had refund requests from 18 people in 2014 out of 3,534 registrations for the year.

That’s almost zero. It’s less than one percent.

Our amazingly low refund rate is more evidence UGotClass courses are superior to those of the other for-profit online providers.

Here’s another number LERN members love:

  1. February UGotClass registrations hit another record, approaching 500.

For the eighth straight month, UGotClass registrations have hit a monthly record. To our 200 LERN Members who are UGotClass Partners, we say:

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

UGotClass courses trending up this month:

-Mastering Computer Skills for the Workplace

-Management Boot Camp

-Onboarding New Employees

-Powerful Presentations and Effective Speaking Techniques

The top courses for this month, which every UGotClass Partner should be promoting, are:

  1. Certificate in Data Analysis
  2. Social Media for Business
  3. Supervisory and Leadership Certificate
  4. Keys to Customer Service
  5. Certificate in Email Marketing

Why LERN is Pushing UGotClass

Why is LERN pushing UGotClass so much?  Quite frankly, because it is the best way for you to keep your dues low and benefits high in the coming decade.

And, of course, you make money while keeping your dues low. Because you get 50% of the income.

UGotClass courses are superior to the for-profit online providers, say your fellow LERN members.

So if you want to keep your dues low and benefits high, plus make money, email us at info@ugotclass.org


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