New! Digital Library Opens Soon

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Gale Hughes
Gale Hughes

A new Digital Library will open soon and offer complete access to any and all paid LERN publications, webinars, slide shows and books in the LERN inventory.  For one annual subscription, you and your staff can gain access to all of the paid LERN publications.

The new service was announced at the big LERN conference by LERN Vice President Julie Coates. Before the conference was over, we already had our first dozen programs subscribe to the Digital Library.

Coates has named Gale Hughes of Manhattan, Kansas, as LERN’s first Digital Librarian.

“Hughes not only has the skills to categorize and develop the library, she has a tremendous ability to help LERN members find information,” noted Coates.

The Digital Library will chunk information by subtopic from books and manuals. You can gain easy access to specific chapters, topics and subtopics.  The Digital Library will also enable LERN staff and consultants to more easily update information and keep our practical, how-to information current and relevant.

The first year cost of the Digital Library is $495, with annual renewal fee of $195. New publications and articles will be added regularly throughout the year. Email Tammy at info@lern.org to subscribe.

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