Big Conference Yields Big News

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A record LERN conference in San Francisco with almost 1,000 people also yielded big news, sf picinnovative techniques, trends and the most advanced tips in the field.

1.Print Brochure Debate Heated
To do a print brochure, or not to do a print brochure, was a hot and heated question. See our separate story on the ongoing print brochure debate.

2.New Trend: Return of Community
Gen Y is committed to local neighborhoods and community, revitalizing a sense of community.

3.Leaders Clueless and Drifting
From talking with numerous lifelong learning CEOs, it appears that leaders in central administration in institutions are clueless about transforming their institutions for the 21st century.

4.Field Currently Successful with Gen Y
Overall, the field of lifelong learning and continuing education is currently successful in engaging Generation Y and positioning itself for a lifelong relationship with Gen Y, our entire future.

5.First Award for Biweekly Emails
The conference saw the first program to document that more frequent and targeted emails works.

6.Print brochure design reflects web site design
A big new trend this year is for print brochures to have more white space and more visuals and reflect a design that takes on some of the features of good web site design, reported brochure authority Julie Coates.

7.Wanted: Faster, Cheaper, Better Program Development
Your audience wants programs that are developed faster, noted Julia King Tamang, expert curriculum designer who did a pre-conference seminar on building programs faster.

8.LERN Mentor program commences
Mark Mrozinski of Palatine, Ill., a Senior LERN Leader, kicked off LERN’s new mentoring program at the big LERN conference.

9. SEO Takes Central Role
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) took a central role in numerous sessions, including content marketing, inbound marketing, web site design and even email promotions.

10.First Future Leaders Council Meeting
LERN members under age 36 held their first Future Leaders Council meeting, with Susan Davis of Washington, D.C., appointed Chair; and Michael Garamoni of Lake County, Ill., named Vice Chair.

If you went to record LERN conference, tell us your top story, news or tip you got from the conference.

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