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NOLA Jackson Square EDIT1Here are 10 of the hot new information sessions you will get at the big LERN Annual Conference in New Orleans, Dec. 2-5. Each has big ROI for your program.

  1. Traction: 5 Critical Elements to New Program Development
    New programs are the cornerstone for growth and success. Just one tip from this session will make your trip worthwhile. From top program manager Rodney Holt of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
  2. Mobile and Web Applications to Enhance Productivity
    From a cutting edge nationally known trainer, discover the best iOS applications of productive workers to increase your staff’s productivity. With social media guru Jennifer Selke of Berkeley, CA.
  3. Amazing Tools You’ve Never Heard Of
    Discover five innovative tools and how these new tools will revolutionize your online marketing. From internationally known online authority Dan Belhassen of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  4. Managing Millennials
    Take home techniques, strategies and also the realities of what it takes to manage your millennial staff. Your Gen Y staff is critical to your program’s future success. With Gen Y manager Brandon Tucker of Ann Arbor, MI.
  5. Leading and Managing
    More sessions than ever before for senior leaders and decisions, including this one with practical examples on leadership and organizational tips you can use daily. From the CEO of one of the top programs in North America, Daniel Thorpe of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  6. Operations & Staffing
    The difference in success for lifelong learning programs is getting operations and staffing right. This new all day preconference will give you the most in-depth, comprehensive look at this increasingly important aspect of our business. From operations manager Holly Klotz, who speaks nationally on the subject, from Livonia, MI.
  7. Special Event Toolkit for Success
    Follow this special event planning tool and increase your event success. Then count the dollars. With top special event planner Laura T. Wetherald of Columbia, MD.
  1. Top 10 Steps in Developing Winning Certificate Programs
    The top 10 steps vital for developing a winning certificate. Come away with a proven model of success. From one of the top certificate programs in the country, Wendy Evers of San Marcos, CA.
  2. Websites in a Mobile World
    Find out how you can ensure that your website displays properly across the range of modern devices. From internationally known tech guru Dan Belhassen of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  3. Streamlining Brochure Production
    How to cut brochure production timeline, lowering staffing time and cost, and at the same time produce an even higher quality brochure. From award-winning brochure producer, Brendan Marsello of Providence, RI.

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