Print brochure design reflects website design

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brochuresA big new trend this year is for print brochures to have more white space and more visuals and reflect a design that takes on some of the features of good website design, reported brochure authority Julie Coates.

The trend was seen among the best brochures chosen for International Awards for 2014.

For example, the brochure for the University of New Brunswick go this commentary from Coates, “ Social Technology is changing the shape of design and culture, and impacts customer perception and expectations. One trend judges observed in this year’s brochure design was the increasing similarity of print design and web design.

“Design is a means of communication, so this is a significant trend in our industry. This program’s brochure was designed with web search in mind. Not only does it have web links to key information prominently displayed throughout, but it is designed to communicate in the same way as a website, presenting information in much the same way with lots of white space and communication via icons rather than text.

“The impact has been powerful. When the document was distributed, web hits increased by more than 51 percent and enrollments have increased nearly 10 percent.”

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