New Grading Wins Award

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HP Nola5A special International Award will be given to the first educational institution known to LERN to accept late work without penalty, part of the new grading system for the 21st century.

The award will be given at the LERN Annual Conference in New Orleans, Dec. 2-5.

Our field of learning and teaching continues to be transformed by innovative strategies that help individuals learn.

The annual LERN conference will create history once again. It will be part of a number of pioneering sessions on new learning and teaching strategies.  Other exciting new sessions include:
-Motivating Digital Learners, with Jared Campbell of Melbourne, Florida.
-Learning in the 21st Century, with keynoter Diana Laurillard of London, England.
-Education in the 21st Century for 2016, with Julie Coates
-New eTools for Learning and Teaching, with Dan Belhassen of Winnipeg, Canada.

The core of the LERN conference will continue to be the most advanced, latest, practical, how-to techniques to use in lifelong learning programming.  But the new sessions are reflective of the major transition in learning and teaching going on in our field right now.

“We are excited to honor this pioneering educational institution for leading the way with its new grading policy,” announced LERN President William A. Draves.  “We predict this model will be adopted by all educational providers in this century.”

The new grading policy was initially not accepted by all and received considerable debate in the community.  The institution instituted the new policy in the fall of 2014, had a very successful academic year with the new policy, and is now in its second year of the policy.

The name of the educational institution will be announced at the International Awards Luncheon on Friday, Dec. 4.  A representative from the educational institution will be present to accept the award.

And the institutional representative will then be available afterwards for a Q&A session in the LERN suite for conference attendees to learn more about the new policy.

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