Staff Productivity is a Top Member Question

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San Francisco stockThe most frequently asked question LERN’s lead consultant, Greg Marsello, has been asked during the last six months when visiting with programs has been “How do we increase staff productivity?”

“Due to budget cuts, a push for financial self-sufficiency, and the need to do more with less, increasing staff productivity has become much more critical,” says Marsello. Mission is important, but without money generated or saved from staff productivity, mission is hard to accomplish, he notes.

Marsello will do several sessions on productivity at the big LERN conference in San Francisco.  He has also put together his top 20 recommendations for increasing staff productivity.

Some of his recommendations include:
1. Centralize operational tasks so everyone is not doing everything

2. Allow revenue generators the time to generate revenue

5. Streamline the brochure production process

14. Everyone cannot do everything, so specialize and then cross-train

20. Let software do most of your work

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